Facebook Pages Portal

I manage a number of pages on Facebook and recently noticed that follower (or “liker”) numbers have been staying quite steady, or diminishing.  Up until a couple of months ago, most of my pages were instead showing steady increases.

One of the best ways to build Facebook “liker” numbers has always been through either myself or other likers directly inviting others to come and take a look at the page.

The new page format, which came into effect recently changed this slightly.  You can still invite friends to your page by clicking on the “suggest to friends”, ticking the relevant ones and sending.

What has changed is that this invite seems much less prominently promoted to your friends than before.  Earlier there was a consistent box on the right hand side of your profile notifying you of the page invites.  Now however this seems no-where to be found.  What prompted me to write this post was that I did see a box on the right hand side with some info and clicked through – but can’t find it again!

The place I clicked through to is definately a link you want to look at directly though, check out: www.facebook.com/pages

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