Brisbane Woman

“Promoting, educating and connecting women in business” is the tagline of the Brisbane Woman networking group.  Run by the dynamic Kylie Walsh, this group offers a range of networking and workshop evenings as well as masterclasses, e-zine and an online forum.

I’ve wanted to go to their events for a long time but with 2 young children and it being on the south side of Brisbane, usually it’s near impossible.  However I had some “childminding” help with relatives in January so booked in for this month…then the floods came in Brisbane so it got postponed!  I did make it in the end though and attending the Video Blogging workshop on January 27th 2011.

Gideon Shalwick was the guest speaker and the event text promoted video blogging and marketing as one of the largest growing trends in on-line marketing and lead/traffic generation.  I’ve been watching this trend myself and know that personally I enjoy seeing short videos, and also have been told it’s great for SEO.  Gideon covered all this and much much more. I enjoyed his presentation style.  Lots of interesting information put forward in an easy to understand way.

In the speed networking session afterwards, I met a lot of interesting people from a wide range of businesses such as:




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