LinkedInLocal – The Hague (February 2023) Leadership

Connecting Humans.  All Welcome.

The mission of LinkedInLocal events are to connect humans and get to know the people behind the profiles. Strengthen your existing connections, and build new ones.

Whether you are a student, a CEO or any other kind of human in any industry, this is an inclusive networking event with a focus on FUN. English is the main language but Nederlands and other languages are also fine – all welcome.


Thursday 16 February 2023


4pm to 5.30pm

Theme this month:


Guest speakers: 

Fiona Passantino and Bradley Charbonneau will give a short presentation on the theme (more information below)


10 euros, includes tea/coffee.  The Hague Tech members free.


Renée Tentori

Pre registration required:

More information:

Thanks to The Hague Tech, Holland Park Media and The Hague OnLine for their support.

This event is not sponsored, endorsed or operated by LinkedIn but is operated under license.

Can’t make this event but want to keep up to date with future ones?

More information on guest speakers for this month: 

Becoming a High-Visibility Leader

Fiona Passantino, Habits of High-Visibility Leaders

Inspiring leaders share certain habits; they walk the corridors, are seen at the lunchrooms and participate in the after-work drink rituals. But often our top-level leaders live in another world; they work at the same company with the same goals, vision and share the same elevators, but are invisible to the community working around them. Visible leaders engage, inspire and connect a workplace community. Learn three habits you can use today to increase your presence, visibility, and interaction with the people making the company run, and still meet the needs of other stakeholders, clients, partners and board members.

Bradley Charbonneau, Publishing for High Visibility Leaders

Why publish? Becoming the expert and independent publishing. Who is publishing? You, naturally, the expert. How to publish? Learn some practical tips on getting it done, the iteration approach and the two ways to get started. When to publish? Right now!

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