2022 Neuroemergence Virtual Conference

Neuroemergence virtual conference 2022

Neuroemergence is a virtual gathering space for neurodivergents and allies to come together, share stories, learn from each other, get inspired and convene as a community.  The international NeuroEmergence event has grown out of the want for people to be able to come together and help build a more neurodivergent friendly world and sits proudly amongst a range of activities and events that form the Neurodiversity Pride Day which takes place in June.

Over three days, from 16-18 June, 2022, a virtual space was created for people from all over the world to take part in

  • Learning Labs
  • Sharing Circles
  • Recorded Video presentations
  • A gallery of coaches who work with neurodivergent clienteles
  • Panel Discussions

These spaces were designed around the principles and values:

  • Push the edge and expand the allowable circle by challenging the conventional ideas on “what is it to be this way”
  • Encourage and applaud people who want to come out – to emerge from the ground and from the shadows and embrace their differentness
  • Believe that there is no one Neurodivergent experience and that we allow for the sharing of stories of our lived experiences
  • Offer spaces to meet the need for autonomy, competence and relatedness of neurodivergents- meeting each one where they are at
  • Create spaces where people inherently belong


I gave an online presentation on Building your different and diverse network:

Great to be part of this event, and looking forward to 2023!

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