What are your intercultural communication challenges?

What are your intercultural communication challenges? I asked participants this at a recent workshop. Here’s some of theirs:

  • Time (too many messages to respond to, not enough time)
  • Conflict (wanting to avoid this or not knowing how to handle it)
  • Different perspective (trying to understand these)
  • Laugh (would like to make people laugh, but can be difficult)
  • Message (making this clear)
  • Speaking my mind (when and how is the right way to do this)

What are your challenges?

Though I don’t have all the answers, I have been focussing on improving my communication skills for years now and teach workshops on this topic to give ideas and inspiration to others.

I’m also developing a communication profile so that you – and those in your intercultural team – can better understand your own preferences and each other’s.

For more information please contact me!


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