Citizen Journalism

As part of my MICM (Master in International Communication Management), this week my Media Relation s module is focussing on Citizen Journalism.  You can read about it in depth here:

This is a really interesting concept in terms of how it has exploded in the last decade with the increasing availability, affordability and quality of smartphones, along with sharing capabilities via social media.

We were asked to watch this documentary, The Whole World is Watching, which you can access by clicking on the image below.

The Whole World is Watching

Based in Canada, this focusses on Canadian law but I believe it’s similar in most other countries.  I’ve looked into this before in terms of social media and had found the same information – that basically, if you are taking photos or video in a public place, you are free to do so and share it.

As I already wrote about in a recent post – Casey Niestat – using social media against “big business – we have a lot of power by learning how to use social media tools to protest.

Here is some further reading:


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