Advatera presentation in Vienna on elearning and social media

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Earlier this month (May 2015), I had the privilege of travelling to Vienna to talk to a group of Advatera’s social media managers about elearning and social media.

Volker has built the opportunity for European digital managers in a variety of different industries to come together in digital expert groups 3-4 times a year to learn from each other, listen to presentations and share best practices.  I spoke to the Social media Experts Europe group, but there are also others based around Digital Workplace & Intranet, CRM and more.

Here is a copy of the presentation, where I spoke about the similarities between social media and elearning and the many opportunities it offers social media managers.  I also briefly shared some experiences of working with Anne Frank House (Education Department), The Hague University of Applied Sciences and TheHagueOnLine.

It was a pleasure to meet the participants, which included representatives from a broad range of companies including A1 (telecom), Austrian Airlines, Austrian Tourist Board, Red Cross and more.  These are all members of the expert group, and each time, the meeting is hosted at one of their organisations.  This time, it was held at the Austrian Red Cross crisis centre and we were given a very interesting tour of the facilities and told more about the amazing work they do.

There was another presenter who also came from The Netherlands, Steven den Boer is the Social Media Manager at Radboud University and gave an interesting insight into the use of Social Media in Higher Education.

Something I really enjoyed was listening to the Social Media Managers sharing some of their challenges and successes, and in particular, competing for the “best practices trophy” where they all gave a short demonstration of something that has recently worked well for them on social media.

I was delighted with the alternative to clapping after each speaker so asked them if I could film it!

If you’re in Europe, you may like to know about the Digital Leadership Forum that Advatera is holding soon, a boutique conference around digital communications, social media, leadership and collaboration.  More information and registration here:

I also was fortunate to have the chance to fly to Vienna the day before the presentation and spend a few hours exploring this lovely city.  You can see my whole Vienna Album over on Google+.


A huge thanks to Volker at Advatera and to the team of social media managers who I met for this great opportunity.

I was surprised to learn that Twitter isn’t as popular in Austria as in Australia and The Netherlands, but it is still used.  Here’s a collection of the tweets from Storify:

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