Zestee guest post/article submission guidelines

Zestee provides a variety of information to a growing community of those interested in social media, marketing and photography. Guest posts and articles relevant to these topics and offering value to our community are most welcome.

You may wish to read more about the benefits of guest posts.  Please follow these submission guidelines to ensure an increased chance of inclusion.

Articles/guest posts must be:

  • Of relevance to the Zestee community
  • Written in (British/Australian/US) English
  • Grammatically correct and free of spelling errors
  • Original content (verified via Copyscape & Plagium)
  • Provided in a word document or email format

The following must also be included for publication:

  • A short author bio (with a link to your website if you wish)
  • Royalty free images (at least one, preferably 2-3) to compliment the content

If you feel you can meet the above requirements, then please contact us.

Guest blog posts and articles are not intended to be marketing or advertising focussed.  Should you wish to promote products or services to the Zestee community, please contact us for advertising rates.

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