Zestee Free Marketing Tools Tip: Twitter

Yet another free marketing tool which I simply signed up to a while ago as I recognised how huge it was, and that it wasn’t just a passing trend.  With very limited time which needs to be spread out between a lot of sites, I had let this slide a little.  I initially thought of it as a more basic version of Facebook and felt that Facebook was more interactive.  However a visit from a friend who works in marketing recently gave me a fantastic new perspective – using Twitter correctly is like having personalised news headlines from those YOU decide are authorities.  Instead of connecting specifically with friends on here, she has instead recommended some people I would enjoy following – kind of like the modern version of “you should meet this person, I know the two of you would get along!”.

I had also up until now ignored follower requests from those I didn’t know…after all, I thought, why would they be interested in what I had to say if I don’t know them?  Now I realise that again there is another perspective, and though there are certainly some people who will follow just anyone, ultimately if someone has taken the time to send a follow request, they are potential customers, and a free way to form new marketing relationships, especially if they have already taken the first step.

Another advantage of Twitter over Facebook is that it is much easier to follow celebrities as it gives an “in between” to the past where your chance of connecting personally with a celebrity was very limited, and Facebook, where most celebrities are simply too busy or not interested in making “friends” directly with their fans.   Facebook business pages can do this, however Twitter seems the favoured medium at least for most of my celebrities to give regular short updates of what they are up to.

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