Panel 35 Employee Wellbeing

The Hague Tech hosted their 2nd panel discussion for this year on Employee Wellbeing on 20 April 2023.

What a wealth of knowledge and experience shared by the panel:

Arosha kicked off the event promising the audience they would walk away with meaningful insights – and absolutely didn’t disappoint. She got straight to the point. “It’s not a fluffy topic. You don’t get good performance without wellbeing.”

I spent much of the 1.5 hours scribbling fast, trying to capture some of the amazing wisdom shared. Here’s a few of my notes:


  • An athlete friend spends 90% of her time in recovery. Entrepreneurs and founders often forget that rest is necessary, leading to burnout and failed start-ups.
  • An organisation cannot exceed the consciousness of its leaders. Self awareness is crucial.
  • Time boxing –


  • Hire slow & fire fast – make sure someone new to the team is a cultural fit.
  • Collective Hiring – there must be full consensus from the team for new hires
  • When people choose a job that is their passion – you can then lose the passion when you HAVE to do it. Find ways to work on your passion in an unencumbered way – it’s ok to do extra hours if it’s by CHOICE – especially on projects that the team choose to do together for fun, like Party4Planet


  • Wrote an article about wellbeing being important – that made an impact on his company & beyond, especially coming from a male founder (as women have often been public in the past about “balance” but it’s less common for a male.)
  • It’s kinda silly to talk about wellbeing – it really should be ingrained. (but still – we have to, because it isn’t yet)
  • Creating a company culture that’s flexible – e.g. working abroad or remotely
  • If you require people to be at their best, sometimes doing things slowly is best.
  • You can care too little or too much (need to find the middle ground)


  • Your wellbeing affects your team. If you are stressed, it will spill out.
  • My no 1. priority is my health and wellbeing. Sport is a non-negotiable.
  • Hold on to rituals and principles during work and it will contribute to wellbeing.
  • Very diverse team from all different cultures – you can build a high performance team while fostering well-being

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