WaterBear: like Netflix for Nature

Here in the Netherlands we are in our second lockdown, as well as in the middle of a cold, dark winter. Netflix is the most popular pastime for many of us looking for entertainment and escape. Personally I’ve enjoyed series such as Bridgeton, Outlander and my 13yo daughter’s favourite – RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Salad for my soul

Many of these shows felt a little like mental junk food though. I’d binge watch episodes and though they were fun, I’d feel a little slow and sluggish. Then I discovered My Octopus Teacher and it was like salad for my soul! What a delightful way to learn more about our planet and the incredible creatures in it. Have you seen this yet?

Binge watching that is good for you – and the planet

Want more of this type of documentary? Check out WaterBear, a brand new, interactive streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet. I first learned about this via Impact City, an event that I attended in The Hague late last year (online due to COVID

Nature is not new

Sure, nature documentaries have been around for decades. David Attenborough and National Geographic have been excelling in this format for many years, so what makes WaterBear different? Beyond being able to watch documentaries, the WaterBear network is built to allow you to also connect and take action.

NGOs and Projects

You can of course search the internet for the many NGOs (not for profit organisations) and projects throughout the world that are doing amazing work to heal the damage we have done to our planet. However WaterBear makes it easier by bringing many of these together all in one platform. Watch a documentary that inspires you? Then take immediate action by exploring the 80+ organisations and the 200+ projects that need support.

Short films and feature length documentaries

WaterBear offers a wide range of viewing options. The short films are from just a few minutes long – a perfect nature break during your day. Feature-length documentaries

Sign up for free

Sign up for free to watch WaterBear on mobile, desktop and tablet:


Let me know what you think!

Renee 🙂

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