Benefits of Blogging for Shell Outpost

Recently, I gave a social media and blogging workshop for Shell Outpost in The Hague, the Netherlands.  Here’s an article I wrote for their newsletter afterwards, that is also likely relevant to many others.  Their PDF version is also shared with permission below.

The Benefits of Blogging

What’s your story?  Starting your own blog is one way to share this with the world.  Short for “weblog”, blogs began to become popular around a decade ago as a basic type of online diary, but have grown to be much more than that.  If you’re brand new to blogging and still need some convincing to start one, here are just a few benefits of blogging.

  1. Share your story

Whether you are a natural sharer or first need to overcome your shyness, every single person has a story to tell.   Whether this is tidbits of your overseas adventures or even just your day to day life, writing this down and sharing it online can take some initial courage but can also be interesting and inspiring to others.

  1.  Creative outlet

Do you enjoy writing, photography or making videos?  Some like to use text only, many use images they have taken themselves or those available copyright-free online and vlogging (video blogging) is also becoming popular.  

  1.  Capture your knowledge

If you’re aware of it or not, you’ve been busy accumulating a unique knowledge set your entire life!  Why not capture this and add it to the “blogosphere”.  Some of the most useful blogs I’ve read and vlogs I’ve watched are from those who have taken the time to share something they are an expert in, or even just have had some basic experience with.

  1.  Build an online portfolio

Gathering together examples of your work, projects, hobbies and interests is made easy with a blog.  

  1.  Develop skills

Learning how to create and maintain a blog uses skills that are in demand in today’s digital workforce.

  1.  Create a community

Have a particular interest or hobby?  Why not start blogging about it!  This is often a launching pad to creating an online or face to face community.  You can also search for and comment on other blogs, many of which have a corresponding Facebook community where you can interact, and often this can lead to meet-ups in “real life” as well.  Blog posts are also a great way to share information about a community event some were not able to attend.

If you don’t already have a blog, you can start one in minutes at

Already have a blog?  Don’t be shy to share it!

Renée Veldman-Tentori is a social media consultant, speaker and trainer.  She loves to connect, share, create, learn and teach.  Renée manages a number of blogs including and  You can contact her via, LinkedIn or on Twitter @reneeveldman.

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