One of my all time favourite apps and productivity tools is Evernote.

I have it installed on all my Apple and Android devices and think their marketing slogan totally sums it up:

“Remember Everything.  Inspiration strikes anywhere.  Evernote lets you capture, nurture, and share your ideas across any device.”

Like many of the best social media tools, Evernote uses the “Freemium” pricing model, meaning that you can use a basic version for free and then choose to upgrade to suit your needs. The screenshot below outlines the pricing at time of writing.  For the most current, visit the Evernote website.
Screenshot 2016-08-16 13.15.03

I currently have the Premium version, which I actually received as a gift for a year as a T-Mobile customer in the Netherlands.  I must say that I don’t utilise it well enough.  Going to take some time now to go through all the settings again and make the most of it.

Evernote also offer a number of other apps which integrate and are worth a look as well:

  • Skitch
  • Scannable
  • Evernote web clipper
  • Penultimate

Below is a screenshot, visit the Evernote website for more information and to download.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 13.23.29

Do you use Evernote?  Highly recommend checking it out.


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