The E-learning Explosion Presentation at WBII

Elearning Explosion

The WBII: Women’s Business Initiative International is a wonderful business networking group in The Hague, The Netherlands.  I’ve been a member there for 2 years now and always enjoy the company of other members and inspiring speakers each month.  This month, I was privileged to be the speaker and have the chance to share my enthusiasm for e-learning.

More than a year ago now, I wrote a blog post I called “The E-learning Explosion” which became the base for this presentation.  I also spoke about this topic at the Expatica I Am Not a Tourist Fair in 2014, with a focus on the opportunities that e-learning offers expats.  At this WBII presentation, the focus was instead on how e-learning can help entrepreneurs meet their goals.

“We are experiencing an e-learning explosion.  It truly is learning without borders.  All you need is a computer, an internet connection and an interest”

You can see a copy of my presentation on Slideshare here:

Here is the list and links of the 10 Recommended Resources to get started learning online:

  1. A Career in Your Suitcase book: to clarify your learning goals first
  2. Open University UK OpenLearn: one of the leaders in this field
  3. Skillshare: Learning for fun and exploring interests (if you use this link, we both get a free month)
  4. Udemy: Learning for fun but also some qualifications offered
  5. Coursera: Take the world’s best courses online for free
  6. Creative LIVE: Photography, Art, Design and more
  7. TED & TEDx Talks: A treasure trove of ideas and inspiration
  8. Podcasts and iTunesU: Listen and learn.  One of my favourites is Social Media Examiner
  9. Hootsuite, Grovo and many other platforms out there: Fill in the gaps of your digital skills
  10. YOU + Google or the App Store: The (digital) world is waiting for you!

If you want to teach, here are 3 ways to get started:

  1. Build an online school as I did with the Zestee Social Media School using Woo Themes Sensei
  2. Follow a course yourself about learning to teach online such as the Coursera couse
  3. Teach via Skillshare or Udemy: become a course instructor and (potentially) earn money

I wish you every success in your e-learning journey and I’d love to hear how you go!  You can comment below or find me on Twitter or LinkedIn.


4 thoughts on “The E-learning Explosion Presentation at WBII

  1. I was an attendee to your presentation for the WBII a few weeks ago. This helped me a lot in the way I’m looking at how to gain some basic skills for business set up. Something I am definitely lacking as a new entrepreneur. I was previously signing up for webinars through various online entrepreneurs and not getting what I needed because of the promotional aspect of these webinars. I believe they have their place but taking a course online makes more sense to get the core knowledge. Using your tip to write three things down and then pick one from that list, I’ve begun a course on Skillshare (offering a free month to start) with Seth Godin. Thank you Renee for sharing this presentation. It will have an impact on me and my business. Susan

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