Event highlights – The Sky has no Limits, The Hague

Held on Tuesday, 23rd September 2014 in The Hague, The Netherlands, The Sky has no Limits event was hosted by the Business Palace BV and SJ Office Support.

The event was in the Dutch language, but as I’m improving and consciously trying to push myself to learn more and be able to attend Dutch networking events, it was good practice!  I think I followed probably 90% of the presentations.

I did meet some english-speakers there and also ran into a couple of people I already knew, including Lucie, who I first met when she was establishing Delft Mama, almost 8 years ago now.

Aimed at start-ups and small business, the main attraction for me to attend was that the Marcel Molenaar – Head of Marketing Solutions for LinkedIn Benelux was the keynote speaker.  As a social media trainer, I’m always keen to learn more about social media tools, particularly from those who actually work for them!




The Goody Bag on the way out was, like I’ve found at most business events, mostly flyers, with some mints, post it notes and a pen.  Not that I’m complaining as I know it’s expensive for businesses to produce these gifts and it’s appreciated – but if someone can come up with a cool goody bag idea that’s also affordable for the business taking part, I think there is a gap in the market here!  I don’t know about you but I find that the mints and pens go in a draw and the flyers usually in the bin.  Though I am aiming to write blog posts like this for each event, and include a link to the businesses who are included.

So here’s a list and just my own comments:

  • Ad Hoc Data: having trouble with understanding exactly what they do as I’m translating to english, but I think they sell B2B marketing lists, starting from 269 euros.  Not something relevant to me.
  • Yellow Wings Flying School: At first I thought this was to learn to fly but now I see it’s to overcome your fear of flying for 825 euros for a course.  I love flying and that price is half a ticket to Australia 🙂
  • Benelux Bureau voor Intellectuele Eigendom.  A flyer with some good tips for new businesses.  Going in the pile to “check out more about this later”
  • Allebedrijvenin.nl: A website to review businesses, the flyer boasts 2.5 million visitors for reviews and offers
  • Ziggo: the internet provider I’m already using for my home office

The Dutch event description is below, from the Eventbrite invitation.

Business Palace B.V. en SJ Office support hosten dit jaar hét evenement voor startende en groeiende ondernemers. Op dinsdag 23 september 2014 maak je kennis met de unieke “learning by doing methode“ van Business Palace BV., leg je nuttige contacten en laat je je inspireren door collega-ondernemers. 

Het evenement wordt geopend door niemand minder dan key note speaker Marcel Molenaar. Marcel startte in 2012 als Head of Marketing Solutions bij LinkedIn Benelux. Samen met een team van Account Managers en Account Directors adviseert Marcel klanten en mediabureaus in de Benelux over de in te zetten contentstrategie en beschikbare marketing solutions oplossingen. Marcel spreekt regelmatig op marketingcongressen en zit in het EMEA Marketing Solutions Leadership Team. Ook ondersteunt hij de EMEA Director van Markering Solutions bij het uitbouwen van de LinkedIn business in Europa.
Om jouw groeiambitie waar te maken levert Business Palace maatwerk. Of het nu gaat om de overdracht van kennis(sen),vaardigheden, huisvesting of persoonlijk leiderschap, alles draait om jou.

Kom kijken en luisteren, laat je extra motiveren door ondernemers die, door samen te werken met Business Palace, zijn geslaagd in het van Groei naar Bloei brengen van hun onderneming.

Of je nu een uniek product ontwikkelt hebt, je kennis van ICT wilt inzetten om voor jezelf te beginnen of een dienst hebt bedacht waarvan jij de toegevoegde waarde commercieel wilt aanwenden. Het Incubator Programma bevat alle elementen die jij als starter nodig hebt . Je wilt je klanten aantal zien groeien of wellicht wil je onderzoeken of jouw product of dienst ook buiten Nederland aanslaat.

Heb jij ook groeiambities en is jouw onderneming jonger dan 3,5 jaar? Dit event is er voor jou!

Meld je aan, kom langs en vraag ons het hemd van het lijf over wat het Business Palace Incubator Programma voor jou kan doen!

Deelname is gratis.

Event programma:
19:30-20:00 ontvangst met bubbels
20:00-20:30 Opening door Key Note Speaker Marcel Molenaar over Groei door Effectief Netwerken
20:30-20:40 Business Palace over het Incubator Programma
20:40-21:00 Deelnemers over het uitbouwen van succes en ondernemen zonder grenzen
21:00-22:00 Netwerken, rondleiding en uitdelen Goody Bag

2 thoughts on “Event highlights – The Sky has no Limits, The Hague

  1. Thank you for visiting our event and sharing your experience.
    What would you suggest we offer participants as a token of appreciation for their participation? would different giveaways in the goody bags be an good idea? discount on services? free services? free advice etc…
    Please share your thoughts
    By the way, what did you think of the presentation of Marcel Molenaar from Linkedin?


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