Facebook is 10 years old – and will be flooded with friends films

Facebook film

Today, Facebook is 10 years old and is celebrating with Look Back – an automated film for users to share to show highlights from their time spent on this social media giant.

To create your own film, log into Facebook then click on this link:


Within seconds, you will be able to view your personalised film that grabs images from your profile throughout your time on Facebook.  It will then give you the option to share with your friends.

As I’ve made my own version public, you should be able to click though on the image above – and even if you’re not connected as a friend, should be able to watch it (let me know in a comment!).  However you can also set it just to be visible to your friends only if you prefer.

You can visit the  hashtag #facebookis10 which they are using to bring together some of these posts.

It was only released about 2 hours ago, but already my newsfeed is flooded with film from friends.  I’ve enjoyed watching the 1 minute videos and have seen my own a few times already to relive those moments!  It’s a good thing the music is quite nice as it seems we’ll all be hearing it a few times.

Unfortunately it seems to be quite blurry – both the photos and the text don’t come out sharp – or is it just my version?  This aside, the fact it took seconds and is quite a nice Facebook “look back” is sure to impress lots of users.

I’ve read that not everyone will have access to the film – some will instead have a “thank you message” from Mark (Zuckerburg) and team.

How long have you been using Facebook?  It’s 6 years already for me and I clearly remember joining just after my daughter was born.

What do you think of this campaign?


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3 thoughts on “Facebook is 10 years old – and will be flooded with friends films

    1. Hi Barbara, unfortunately I don’t think you can, it’s an automatically created film. If you do want to create your own movies that are similar, you can use programmes like Picasa or iMovie. Good luck! Renee

    2. Hi Barbara, unfortunately I don’t think you can, it’s an automatically created video that just pulls certain posts and photos. However you can create something similar yourself that you have total control over using tools such as iMovie or Picasa. Good luck! Renee

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