The Use of Social Media in School


The use of Social Media in schools is on the rise.  Here’s an interesting infographic from Best Masters in Education.  Personally, I completely agree with the quote “social media in school can’t be left to chance, it needs to be mediated”. Though this may not be the best comparison considering this is relating to schools, but living in The Netherlands, it actually makes me actually think of the Dutch attitude towards (soft) drugs and prostitution.  They realise it will happen – so why not guide it into a way in which it can be better policed and controlled (i.e. red light district and coffee shops in Amsterdam).

Another comparison – this time more directly related to school – is that I think back to when I was in school the closest we had to “social media” was passing a scrunched up note in class to someone behind you!

Do you have children at school?  What are your thoughts and experiences on social media use in school?  Would love your comments below.

The Use of Social Media in School

Source: Best Masters in Education

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