2012 Zestee Social Media School

From February – April 2012 I offered a free 12 week social media course online.  Below are the relevant posts for each of the lessons.  You can follow the course in your own time at any date.  Free for a limited time only!

Free 12 week social media course online


Week 01: Social Media Strategy

Week 02: Facebook

Here are some previous posts I’ve written relating to Facebook – please note that as Facebook can change, things can go out of date but hopefully will still be helpful (and feel free to comment to let me know if it worked for you – or not)

Week 03: Twitter

Week 04: Blogging

Week 05: YouTube

Week 06: LinkedIn

Week 07: Databases & Enewsletters

Week 08: Get Up To Speed

Week 09: Google +

Here is a previous post I’ve written relating to Google +:

Week 10: Surveys & Statistics

Week 11: Social Media Dashboards

Week 12: Other Social Media Tools

Love to hear your feedback on any part of these posts, please take the time to comment!  Renee

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