North Lakes Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Started in 2008, I am proud to have been part of the initial team when the North Lakes Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) was being established.

Acting on the executive team in a Marketing & PR capacity, I enjoyed working with this dynamic group, led by president Kevin Lovewell.    Here are two of the newsletters I created in 2009:



Unfortunately with the pregnancy and arrival of my second child, as well as increasing work commitments, I had to resign but  remained involved where I can.

One of my favourite networking events was at Alma Park Zoo in 2009, what a beautiful setting to meet other business owners and explore this local treasure.

Here are some of the talented business owners I’ve met during my time with the NCCI:

  • Kevin: Corporate Solutions
  • Rebecca
  • Glenn: Biz Results
  • Matt:
  • Nick: Protect Your Joy
  • Chris: North Star Property Services
  • Mike: ABC Business Coaching


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