The Ruby Connection

It’s no secret that the “big banks” and also the smaller banks and building societies battle it out for your business.  business account is with Westpac.  Why?  Many reasons, including because a friend works there and I like their marketing angle making banking more personal.

I also really like the way they support women in business through The Ruby Connection.

I first heard about The Ruby Connection when handed a flyer at the Westpac exclusive viewing of  “Paint the Town Red: A Farewell to Valentino” exhibition with my Westpac friend on Thursday 11 November 2010.

Not really a fashionista, though I had of course heard of Valentino, I admit I knew little about his designs.  However this exhibition was truly breathtaking.  Held at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, that really is where these dresses belong – in an art gallery. As a mum of 2 young children, often in a rush to get places and little time to dwell on being fashionable most days, I couldn’t imagine actually wearing any of these designs but really enjoyed looking at them and dreaming!


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