Red Hot Events

Red Hot Events and Seminars is a fantastic business network that I’ve been involved in since 2010 and would highly recommend checking out if you’re on the Sunshine Coast.

Organised by the lovely Sue Murphy, she brings together an amazing group of diverse and talented businesspeople.  Some of the great people & businesses who I’ve met or spent time with through this wonderful network:

  • Krishna: Healthy Marketing
  • Annie: Saucy Social Media
  • Karen & Wayne: Powerful Positive People
  • Zoe: Social Media Shortcut
  • Jeanne: Witch Words
  • Yvette: The Creative Collective
  • Vicki: O3 Offices
  • Jen: Goal Power
  • Paul: Doodle Jam
  • Natalie: Enlightened Goddesses
  • Kimberlee: Essential Bodywork
  • Leonie: Spice Up Marketing
  • Victoria: Create Your Dream Sanctuary
All the guest speakers have had inspiring messages to share which we can apply to making our own lives and businesses more successful.
A few of these have been:
  • Karen & Wayne Clarke from Simply for Success (now Powerful Positive People) on Friday 4th March 2011 speaking about the concepts and power of NLP in your business and personal life.
  • Nikki Parkinson Hubbard from Styling You spoke on Friday 7th October 2011 about Blogging for Business.  What’s a blog and why should you business have one?  How to make your blog the centre of your social media marketing strategy?  How to give your business a voice through blogging?  How to make money from Blogging?


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