How to get a domain

If you’re an Australian business, it’s good to have a domain name to demonstrate this and appeal to an Australian market.

To buy a name you need an ABN (Australian Business Number).

The umbrella authority overseeing the domain names is called auDA –

They authorise a number of different organisations (called registrars) to process your registration.  You can obtain a list of current auDA Accredited Registrars on their website.  Some sell retain and some are resellers.

It’s up to you to shop around to choose which registrar to purchase from.  Prices vary and this generally reflects the level of service you require. gives a handy domain name price comparison for you.

Another handy tool offered by auDA is the WHOIS service, which allows you to look up the record of a particular domain name.

You are free to change your registrar at any time, though there can be transfer costs involved.

If you have any experiences to share in obtaining a domain name, please share below!



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