Abbey Medieval Festival 2011

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Photos: Abbey Medieval Tournament 2008

I live between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, in the Moreton Bay Region.  It’s a beautiful area, with a lot going for it and the latest advertising campaign says “we’ve got it all”.   We have beautiful beaches, mountains, lakes and recreational areas, a fast-growing business sector and much more.  However one of our richest assets has to be the annual Abbey Medieval Festival.  Composed of a Banquet, Kids Festival and Tournament, it is an amazing week for the whole family, from 02-10 July 2011.

In 2008, I attended the Abbey Medieval Tournament for the first time.  After recently returning from several years living in Europe (UK & The Netherlands), I felt this event evoked medieval history just as well – if not better – than anything I had seen overseas, despite having visited numerous castles and other medieval tourist attractions.  Fancy returning to Australia from Europe to have an authentic medieval experience!

As a avid amateur photographer, it was a dream location to practice.  You can view my 2008 Abbey Tournament album here, with a few of my favourites below.  Though my husband and I, and our then-one-year-old daughter just spent a few hours there, it was definately one of the highlights of our year.  It’s such a rich tapestry of sights and sounds and a wonderful experience for all ages.

In 2009, we weren’t able to attend the tournament – as our second daughter was born that week.  In 2010, we flew to visit family in Europe the week before the event, so missed out again.

I finally got around to visiting the Abbey Museum of Art & Archeology itself in May this year with my Professional Parents Playgroup (the event is organised by the museum and takes part nearby).  You can read my blog post about the wonderful Cutie Curators Club outing here. I was again impressed by the incredible history and culture of this small but wonderful museum, which could rival many of the European tourist trips I’ve had.  Not only that, it came as a bit of a surprise as it is located what some might say is  “the middle of nowhere” (a little over-exaggerated perhaps as it’s easily accessible, but Caboolture is by no means a capital city!).

So again my interest was piqued in the Tournament and I was determined to become involved – no more babies or holidays were going to get in my way in 2011!   I have thrown myself into it completely this year, and will be writing blog posts on all three of these experiences:

  • Volunteering as a waitress at the Medieval Banquet..
  • …taking my little princesses (just turned 2 & 4) to the Kids Medieval Festival and..
  • ..we’ve purchased a weekend family ticket for the Medieval Tournament weekend

As a marketer (and this blog having a marketing theme) the entire event is a fantastic example of excellent marketing and event management.  However it’s also just a lot of fun!  So hope to see you there…..



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