Carren Smith Speaker Secrets Exposed

The lovely Donna from Socially Sorted brought Carren Smith to my attention and I attended this event on 18th May 2011.  She heads the Quantum Leadership Group which offers a range of workshops mostly focussing on public speaking skills.

Carren has faced a number of tragic events in her life but overcome these to share her experiences and inspire others.  Carren shared lots of tips with us, here are just a few snippets from my notes:

  • Weave stories into communication – storytelling is powerful
  • Generate cashflow
  • Learn how to be concise, condensed, with structure
  • Speak without notes
We learnt 3 of the biggest mistakes speakers can make:
  • They don’t attract people (consumers are selective, so much to choose from, what makes you stand out?  You need a good profile and to network and have a clear message)
  • They don’t create cash-flow
  • They don’t educate the audience (not just the message, teach something
There were a lot of practical ideas and tools we were taught and worked through some exercises individually and in small groups.  I spent some time practising getting the message clearer about the Professional Parents network I founded and how I communicate what this is about to others.
I met up with a number of businesspeople who also attended, some of which I knew already but also a lot of new faces, here are a few I spoke to:

To find out more about these courses, visit the Quantum Leadership Group website.

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