Red Day Coaching Business Right

This event was promoted as running from 8.47am-4.57pm.  We later learnt why (and you’ll have to attend to find out!).

With a baby less than a year old, it was quite rare for me to attend a full day business event but I really enjoyed it – and was glad to learn there were a lot of other parents in the room too.

Run by Specialist Red Day Partner, Jo Hassan, this event taught us a lot.  Jo is behind the unique and successful business “North Brisbane Pet Resort”

Though a lot of my notes for the day are a scribbled mess, here are a few that make enough sense to share.  It’s mostly a jumble of quotes and ideas, but often that’s just what you need!  These are partly for myself to refer back to but I’m sharing publicly so you can see just how much was covered and how much value and inspiration we packed into one day:

  • Go from conversations to connection
  • Create ripples then jump on the waves
  • If at first an idea is not absurd, there is no hope
  • The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world do
  • Where is the WOW in what you do?
  • When you explain things you take from the heart to the head
  • We are afloat in a sea of sameness – it might be high quality sameness but to succeed we must stop being “normal”
  • In a winner takes all world, normal = nothing
  • It’s always little things that make profound differences…little things that you do habitually define you.
  • The way you speak to people – reconsider an introduction of “I’m so sorry I’m late” vs “Thank you so much for your patience
  • Trust, integrity, certainty, authenticity
  • You create everything that happens
  • Goodness travels
  • People, Planet & Profit…triple bottom line
  • L3C – Low profit Legal Liability Company
  • B1G1 projects – buy one give one
  • Make giving a habit (not because of guilt)
  • Choice, control, connection
  • Have a highly resonant story
  • Create a win/win situation
  • move from actions to habits to destiny
  • embedded generosity/gratitude

I liked the concept of the Red, Green & Orange Days in a business – I think this may be quite difficult for me to achieve, especially with 2 young children (are my rest days the ones with the kids or the ones at work I wonder!!) but certainly a good concept to strive for.

Some recommended resources to follow up were:

To attend a Business Right course yourself, visit the Red Day Coaching website.   You can also download some free resources there such as the “big lie” transcript.

Thanks Jo and Red Day Coaching for an inspirational day.



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