Scheduling meetings is part of being in business. Calendly can help cut down the hassle in organising meetings, particularly online calls and webinars as it automatically calculates time zones.

Using the popular freemium model, Calendly offers a free plan with limited features, with upgrades available.

What I love about Calendly

  • I can programme it to fit with my (changing) availability.
  • The free version is sufficient for me at the moment
  • When others are using it, I can check their availability against my own (even across time zones) without having to go back and forward
  • Meetings booked can be synced with my own Apple calendar

Challenges I have with Calendly

  • As with any new tool, it’s still taking me some time to figure out what can do and how it can help me. It’s quite intuitive but still something extra I need to learn.
  • I can’t access it very easily on my mobile devices – to set up my availability etc, I need to be on my laptop
  • My availability changes a lot – I don’t want to sync my entire personal/work calendars with Calendly and found I don’t often take the time to sit and then (re)enter this into Calendly.

Overall I think it’s a really useful tool though, and plan to start setting it more regularly on say one fixed day a week when I’m working from home, so that clients worldwide can book an online consult with me that suits them.

Are you using Calendly? Take a look here:

My direct link is:

This is part of a series of tech tool reviews that can help you run your business and communicate more efficiently.


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