A list of enewsletter software

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This post is part of a series where I am compiling lists of various tools for individuals and business, and sharing some of my experiences and examples for each.  Here are links to all the Zestee lists so far:

Enewsletters are a common tool for any business to grow their database and communicate regularly with (potential) customers.  As a social media trainer, I am not quite sure where I stand with this right now.  On one hand, I think it’s a must for any business, but on the other, I know that I rarely read the many enewsletters I’ve signed up for.  Do you?

My advice would be to spend some time analysing your goals and resources, and deciding if it’s worth it for you.  If you already have an enewsletter, which software are you using now?  Like many digital terms, there is no real consensus about the exact term to use: this same concept can be  called enewsletter platform or tools, or emarketing.  This Wikipedia post on email marketing has some useful information, including some details about legal requirements.

Here are my two favourites:

Mad Mimi: I’ve used this for several years, and really like the clear, clean design.  They’ve made a number of changes in recent times, including dropping the number in your database to just 100 for the free option, but this does include the handy drip-feed tool (automated emails that get send out regularly).  So if you have just a small group of people you want to keep up to date, it’s ideal, and it’s also still reasonably priced for larger databases.  I’ve found their customer service to be awesome.

Mail Chimp: I started using this when it was new to the market and wasn’t a fan then, so switched to MadMimi.  However I have noticed a lot of positive changes and for more than a year now, have been sending out a weekly enewsletter for www.thehagueonline.com using this email marketing software.

Some other popular options are:


Constant Contact

If you’re looking for more options, PC Mag gives a useful overview of the Best Email Marketing Services of 2015.

Do you use enewsletters or email marketing for your business?  I’d love to read your experiences and feedback in the comments below.





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