10 great resources to create your own elearning course

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If you’re a regular follower of this blog, you’ll notice that alongside social media, I’m now also regularly writing about elearning.  In this post I am gathering a number of resources to create your own elearning course.

My focus on elearning started with this post here:

The Elearning Explosion

Which led to me presenting on this topic in Amsterdam…

Elearning for Expats at Expatica I Am Not a Tourist Fair

…The Hague…

Elearning Explosion at WBII

…and Vienna…

Advatera presentation on elearning and social media

My interest in this came from learning more about this topic so I could create an online version of the social media workshops I started running around 5 years ago.  This lead to the Zestee Social Media School being offered online for the last 3 years.  In that time, elearning resources and tools have come ahead in leaps and bounds.

There are two sides to this elearning explosion, one is as a student and the other is a teacher.  The most recent series of posts I’m sharing is focussed on those who would like to teach online.

Being a fairly new trend, there is no real consensus on exactly which terms to use and even how to write them:

Is it eLearning, elearning or Elearning?

No matter how you write it though, this trend is big.  This week, I’ve spent many hours researching creating an ecourse or elearning course in even more depth with a friend, and summarised it in these two posts and video:

How to create an ecourse – where to start

30 things to think about when creating an elearning course

Beyond all this information and resources I’m building myself on this blog, there are many other awesome posts and websites out there.  So here are 10 resources to create your own elearning course  that I’ve reviewed and think are worth checking out.  This list is all about the actual process, strategy, design and development of your own elearning course and is mainly for individuals or small business.   In other words, WHY would you create an ecourse, WHAT kind of things should you consider first and HOW can you make this effective.  I will write another post about the specific elearning tools and platforms soon.

  1. Pro-Blogger offers 9 steps to creating a successful ecourse
  2. eLearning Industry has 6 steps to easily create elearning courses
  3. e-Learning Heroes shares a Basic E-Learning Workflow and Design Process
  4. FAO, which is part of the UK has a great PDF document on elearning Methodologies: a guide for designing and developing courses
  5. eLearning Industry also offers 7 steps of elearning Course Preparation Process
  6. Learning to Teach Online is a free 6 week academic course through Coursera and The University of New South Wales (Australia)
  7. Faculty Focus offers 10 Principles of Effective Online Teaching
  8. Elearning Brothers have a handy infographic about 8 Steps for an Awesome Elearning Storyboard
  9. LearnDash introduces an important concept of Online Course Creation on a Budget
  10. This final link to Elearning Tech actually gives a list of 35 eLearning Strategy articles

Each of the websites included in that list have a treasure trove of elearning and ecourse articles and of course a Google search on any of these topics or keywords brings up hundreds of thousands more.  This can be overwhelming, but as I have written before in my Frenzy, Fatigue, Focus theory on social media and life blog post, I’d recommend just picking one or two and getting started!

So if you’d like to create your own elearning course, after reading even just a couple of these, you are well on the way to get started.

Have you found a great online resource about how or why to create your elearning course to add to this list? Please comment below!


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