WBII March 2015 Elearning Explosion Presentation Review

In March 2015, I had the pleasure of giving a presentation to WBII.  (Women’s Business Initiative International).

Here is a link to my post about this:


Below is a review from Deborah Valentine, republished from the WBII website with permission.

The E-learning Explosion – March Networking Review

by Deborah Valentine

e-learning explosionRenée Veldman-Tentori, our speaker at the March networking event on the ‘explosion of e-learning’, is in her words, a life-long learner. Combined with her curiosity about social media and entrepreneurship it is perhaps not so surprising that she is also committed to sharing and teaching. Which is what she did at our networking evening.

Having been among the pioneering online students she has been fascinated to have witnessed the explosion of this, and the myriad of opportunities it offers – to mothers, children, expats and more. Today, there really is quality education at our fingertips; all you need is a computer and the internet.

It was clear that Renée could have spoken a lot longer than the 20 minutes allotted to her, and that the discussion which ensued during the Q&A afterwards could have made the evening a late one. But, wary of the time, and the evening’s other purpose: to network, Renée was able to raise enthusiasm for the possibilities of learning and teaching on line and left us with some very concrete things to consider. Yes, education – the opportunity to learn – is at our fingertips, but is it for everyone, is it for you?
To start off with, as with any project, Renée reminded us to be sure of knowing what our goals were in pursuing some sort of study. This, in the end would help keep us focussed. For unlike classroom teaching you are on your own and your motivation needs to be strong to stick to it, be disciplined about following the course/programme requirements. Not being clear about why makes getting through the how more difficult.

Secondly, knowing your preferred style of learning is important. Could be the format of your chosen study does not match. If not, it may be more challenging to pursue – stick to it. From the audience, Teresa Moynihan offered that there are there are tests which help determine your learning style. Not surprisingly, these too are online. Also knowing what resources you have disposable is important. Some courses may be free; others do have a price tag, or may involve travel occasionally.

In her presentation Renée as is in her nature, gave some concrete links and suggestions – for where to look for courses; and for those with something to share, to teach, where to place your online courses. She hinted, when done well, this can also be a source of income for those interested in earning from their teaching.

Renée is ALWAYS learning, teaching and sharing. Want to keep up with some of her findings, tips and suggestions? Be sure to follow her via zestee.com

Thank you Renée for giving us all food for thought, and input to the networking discussions which followed.

A copy of her presentation can be found here.

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