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Local SEO and the Tricks You Need

Local SEO and the Tricks You Need For small businesses,  it’s really important for them to focus on smart marketing, as for small organizations, the budget is always a limiting factor in most of the decision making, as their budget is relatively small. So what does...

The Power of Storytelling Event Highlights

  The Power of Storytelling: Helen Kuyper at the WBII: Women's Business Initiative The Hague A friend of mine once mentioned that you should follow your "sparks".  For everyone, there are special words in conversations, or articles you read that "jump" out at you....

Five reasons I like IKEA

Even before I studied and worked in marketing, I enjoyed analysing WHY I like certain brands. If you're a business owner, doing the same will help you understand what works and then apply this to your own services. Here's five reasons I like IKEA. 1. They cater for...

behind the scenes: zestee rebranding for 2014

A new year brings new beginnings and as you may have read about in one of my post popular blog posts from last year, Frenzy to Fatigue to Focus, 2014 is a year for FOCUS. Part of that is streamlining the zestee services and rebranding.  I thought this may be a good...

New technology: Tile A couple of friends just shared this on Facebook.  FAB!  I've used "Find my iPhone" a few times and was thinking it would be handy for other stuff. Reasonable price though shipping from Canada to Europe almost doubles the...

4 Benefits of Postcard Marketing

Even in today's digital era, direct mail solutions are still stellar opportunities to effectively market to customers. Receiving physical mail leaves a great impression on consumers, since potential customers are able to have a tangible connection with the marketing...

Google Plus…should I bother?

I’m already juggling Facebook, Linked In, You Tube, Twitter and more, so should I bother joining Google Plus? If it was any other social media tool, I’d most likely ignore it for now. However as we all know, Google is a giant in the online world, so any new product they bring out has my attention so I’ve spent some time this week checking it out.

Top 5 unwanted marketing intrusions

In today’s world, we are surrounded by marketing messages. In a cluttered marketplace, marketing professionals need to be innovative to ensure their message is heard. This has come to mean that we are often inundated with unexpected and unwanted marketing intrusions. Here are the top five that drive me crazy.

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