Blog posts about elearning

FutureLearn: Free Online Education

When I put together the list of elearning platforms recently, I somehow totally missed FutureLearn. I will be adding it immediately...and in fact, putting it at the top of the list! This is a fantastic resource that I recently learnt about on a Yammer post from my...

A list of Elearning Platforms

Hi there!  I've been writing regularly about elearning more more than a year now and realised it might be handy to have a list of elearning platforms with a little about each. Feel free to add to this list in a comment below, or let me know your thoughts about any of...

How to create an ecourse – where to start

Would you like to teach online? I am here today with a friend of mine, Manuela, and we have designated it “elearning day”. Both of us are keen to get an ecourse set up and running. We thought we would share the process with you, so that anyone interested can also learn how to go about this. We’d love your comments, questions and feedback below as well!

The E-learning Explosion

I love learning and I love the internet.  The two together are a match made in heaven and I've been excited to see the e-learning explosion taking place recently.  There is so much I would like to share on this topic and I'm becoming increasingly passionate about it,...