2019 BASE Conference Amsterdam

Want to scale up your business? Come to the BASE conference in Amsterdam on 29 May 2019. BASE promises a new interactive event where attendees will get a chance to get close and personal with experts, while also learning specific skills that will support them in taking their company to a new level. 

BASE was born as an acronym for the four pillars needed to grow a business to the next level: Build, Advance, Sustain and Elevate.

Co Founders Veronica Guguian and Lana Jelenjev, saw plenty of support for start-ups, but not as much for scale-ups – those who wish to grow their business. Both successful business owners themselves, they have a great insight into what others need.

The conference will specifically feature a speed-mentoring session, during which participants will be able to speak one-to-one with experts that will give specific advice tailored to their needs. Moreover, an interactive round table will also take place, allowing the audience to ask directly questions to the experts on stage.

The speakers invited for the conference are all high-level experts that will share the details of how to grow a business sustainably and will give actionable tips to move the scaling-up process forward. Among the experts, there will be also Fatima Elatik, who will explain what kind of language to use when interacting with the government and policy-makers on all levels. 

Business should also be fun. BASE has built this in with some fun surprise activities to entertain and delight.

For more information about the event, the tickets, the team and the speakers, please visit; https://baseconference.amsterdam

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