Easy-to-Implement Business Advice from 3 Successful CEOs

Business advice at a burger joint? Stranger things have happened. These successful CEO’s share the best advice they’ve ever received, including helpful words of wisdom from a crazy short order cook.

Richard Branson: Never Look Back

Richard Branson image by Gulltaggen via Flickr.

Richard Branson, who runs Virgin’s many business ventures, tells his flock to never look back, and spend absolutely no time dwelling on past failures. Instead he offers, place more emphasis on doing things better the next time. Boil this advice down into the simple statement: move on. When you fail at something, or an idea does not pan out, simply go on to the next idea. You can’t fix past mistakes, so why not just focus on the future?

Glenn Kelman: Speed It Up

Glen Kelman, CEO of Redfin said the best advice he’s ever heard came from the cook at a burger joint where he bussed tables and washed dishes. The cook’s advice? Speed it up. Hit the dishes fast and give it everything you got. The advice stuck with Kelman who admits to being tentative and shy during younger years. Moving fast, and doing things faster builds momentum, gets more done and develops confidence.

Bob Bratt: Outwork Everyone

Bob Bratt, DLA Piper’s COO, said the best advice is to outwork everyone else. Working hard will make you stand out from the rest, it also teaches you more about business and lets managers know you are dedicated to success. Nothing comes without a fight, so be ready to accept the challenge and work your way through it.

Sound advice from three very successful people.

Guest post by Terry Pratt.  Terry is a business consultant who travels more than she would like. She loves to write about business and technology in her (limited) spare time.

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