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Learn how to create your personalised Social Media Strategy


Social Media Strategy for Absolute Beginners

Are you brand new to social media? A little overwhelmed?  Not sure where to start? Let’s walk through some basics together.


Social Media Strategy for Start Ups

Are you a start up and getting ready to let the world know about your great new product or service?  Let’s work together to create a social media strategy to launch your success!



Social Media Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs need to be everywhere, here’s how to manage your social media strategy so you can concentrate on the rest of your business.

Social Media Strategy for Not for Profits

Not for profits often work with limited resources and an effective social media strategy will help grow your organisation.


Social Media Strategy for Museums & Attractions

Social media and digital engagement in museums and attractions is an exciting new field.  Learn from others, train your staff and be part of it.


Social Media Strategy for Parents & Teenagers

Does your teenager know more about social media than you?  I can help you catch up.  It’s also important teenagers are taught some important basics.


Social Media Strategy for Events

Social media strategy is a crucial part off a successful event.  Learn how to communicate with small or large crowds before, during and after the event.


Social Media Strategy for Education

Whether you are a small or large educational institution, potential and current students expect to engage online.  Meet and exceed those expectations.



Social Media Strategy for Bloggers

Are you a blogger who would like to integrate your blog with social media to get your message out there and increase traffic to your blog?

Social Media Strategy for Photographers

So you’re awesome at images?  Learn how to build your profile as a photographer using social media.



Social Media Strategy for Authors

Are you writing or have already published a great book you want the world to know about?  Learn how to engage with your readers.



Social Media Strategy for TEDx Speakers

Have an idea worth spreading?  Here’s how to create a strategy to get your idea even further -before, during and after you time on the TEDx “red spot”!