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Early Easter

Last week I was going through the checkout in Coles and started putting the bags in the trolley…and there they were…EASTER EGGS! In January! I guess Cadbury Creme Eggs have become so popular over the years they could well be considered a regular chocolate item, or is it really a case of Easter (and Christmas) arriving very (commercially) early each year?

Beauty from Tragedy: Harvest Rain Theatre Company

WELL DONE HARVEST RAIN! An excellent example of how something beautiful can come from tragedy, and also a great example of using internet marketing “for the powers of good”! Taking a song – Love You Queensland – which I’ve always known but has never meant that much to me (apart from knowing it was in an ad) they have made it into something which makes me proud to be a Queenslander…and raised much needed funds at the same time.

Sharing the cost of advertising

Zestee Marketing Tip: if you have a limited budget for advertising, have you thought about teaming up with compatible businesses to share the cost? I’d like to challenge you to keep an eye out in the next week for examples. This can benefit not only the businesses but consumers too.

Terms of use-who reads them?

Just wondering how many people click on the compulsory "I agree" for many programmes such as iTunes... without reading them in great depth? I admit that though I usually at least open and scan these, I barely understand the majority of many. Instead I trust that I'm...

Objective journalism?

Anyone else out there get rather cranky when reading “news” that uses headlines, specific language and a selection of quotes which guides readers to make a decision one way or another? I very rarely buy certain newspapers because of this however every now and then feel like reading a paper – only to get cranky again!

Happy 2011!

I bought myself an iPhone for christmas and have just added the wordpress app. One of my resolutions is to blog more regularly! What is one of yours?

Business Start Up Expo

Held at Kallangur on Monday 6th September, 2010, this was a great way to find a lot of great business information all in one place. Exhibitors included: Small Business Solutions Quest News Westpac Bank Australian Taxation Office Accountants IP Australia Office of...

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