Last week, I attended a High Tea in The Hague, organised to raise awareness of the Basmeh and Zeitooneh Syrian Refugee Relief project.

Beatrice is based in The Hague, and introduced us to the products made by displaced women from Syria, currently living and working in Lebanon.

I took this short video where Kathy introduces her and Beatrice tells us a little about the project.  You can also see some of the amazing food we shared!

I also shared a short video on Instagram:


You can also listen to the podcast on where Kathy interviewed Beatrice about the charity.

Here is the description from the website about the organisation:

Basmeh and Zeitooneh was launched in September 2012 with field visits to areas with high concentrations of the most marginalized and neediest Syrian refugees.The main goal of these visits was to assess the needs and to fill the gaps left by other aid agencies

They have also put together some great videos so you can see how their work is helping people:

What I really enjoyed about the day was mixing with and talking to ladies from all around the world.  Everyone bought a dish and several lovely Muslim ladies were fasting but great that they still took part.


We also had a jar for donations and raised over 400 euros.


Here is some of the beautiful handiwork that Beatrice is looking for ways to reach those interested in buying in The Netherlands.  If you have any ideas, please contact her.



As someone who has recently discovered I have food intolerances, it was also great to chat with Charlotte who makes delicious vegan cheese!  Apologies for the blurry photo, I was too focussed on taking a photo quickly so I could try it 😉  You can visit her website at


Thank you to all those involved and wishing the organisation every success in continuing with these wonderful initiatives.

There is also a crowdfunding project, which has now been successfully funded, but also shows more about the fabulous work they do.

For full information on all their programs, you can visit