On 7 November 2014, I attended TEDxLeiden.  The experience started as soon as we arrived where we were given headphones that guided us into the event.

I attended with Manuela Damant and we met up with

The theme was abundance and the speakers were:

  1. Bruno van den Elshout
  2. Janice Deul
  3. Minke Vorstenbosch
  4. Willem Ferwerda
  5. Lianne Kooistra
  6. Jiami Jongejan
  7. Erik Schilp
  8. Roos Wouters
  9. Rachel Hellemondt
  10. Jakob de Jonge
  11. Judith Manshanden
  12. Peter Kuijper
  13. Marius Smit

I’m writing this post sometime after the event, and though I kept a list of speakers as above, I no longer can access much information about their talks.  However the two I remember the most, I have found the talks online.  Erik Schip talked about re-thinking museums:

Bruno van den Elshout shared his New Horizons project – a simple idea, beautifully executed:

Jakob de Jonge talked about making the world a better place with The Hague Peace Projects.

For more information on TEDxLeiden, visit:


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